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June 30 2013

FAQ: Do you know any legitimate trading market for a low investment? – goldsenze

FAQ: Do you know any legitimate trading market for a low investment?

I already know about zulu trade in the currency markets. Do you know of any other market that you can trade currency, options or current events with small amount of money?


I think you must trade in forex trading. This is the place where you can earn good ROI. But if you are trained Forex trader. You can search this keyword Forex or Forex Trading so you may get best asnwers. This market base on leverage. You may go with 1:200. So if you invest 1000 Bucks you can 200 Bucks or more monthly as a qualified forex trader. Kindly visit my source this is the website which will giving free forex education + Certification. Must visit this and this is launch in Nov, 2009.

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May 23 2013

Q: Does this look like a legit investment or a scam? – goldsenze

forex market

Question: Does this look like a legit investment or a scam?

A friend of mine sent me a link to this website:


Apparently, they invest in the forex market, and make a decent profit every day. Now some big red flags appear. First of all, they’re in panama. Secondly, 1% a day in profit (roughly) seems pretty high. But according to the Internet and various websites, and my friend, they’re paying out. So do you think this is a legit business, or just another ponzi scheme?

goldsenze.com Answer:

Googe Forex Scam
Days of reading. Get smart about how it works.
This usually gets me about 10 thumbs down from the spammers. So be it.

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March 30 2013

Q&A: What is the best way to learn about investment? – goldsenze.com

FAQ: What is the best way to learn about investment?

There are so many ways to invest your money in America. There’s forex, real estate, stocks, mutual funds, 401k, etc. What is the best way to learn about all of these different types of investment (other than majoring in the financial field)?

Goldsenze Answer:

There is no best way to learn, but by checking with the professionals in their own field and asking the right questions.

Usually – How much you intend to invest?
How much you intend to loose?
HOw long you intend to invest?
Risk Profiling – Appetite for risk level? (type of risk)
Do you have excess fund to spent?

Meaning this funds you intend to put into an investment fund is not needed in case of emergency. You can say in simple term – money can be spent without worry or stress. but expect a return in the medium to long term period. (Can be 3 years to 5 years)

Is it for your retirement purpose? and how much you intend to retire with?

All these question will be ask and you will need to be realistic and honest in your answers.

Don’t fool yourself.

I have invested in long terms retirement funds in Unit trust by diversification in different asset. Spread your risk (Put your eggs in different basket is the key)

Hope this help



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