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August 25 2013

Q: Can anyone recommend a website which invests in the forex trade with investors money so I dont have to?

forex broker

Q&A: Can anyone recommend a website which invests in the forex trade with investors money so I dont have to?

I want to trade in forex but would rather get an agent to do this,does this happen? and can anyone recommend a website to do this?…I am not looking for scam HYIP websites

goldsenze.com Answer:

That’s right…. there’s plenty of legit web sites/brokers that trade in Futures & Forex for clients. They are not hyped & to a large degree are “legit”. Most of the traders that are successful & trade for average sized accounts $ 10,000 – $ 500,000 can do well…. at times. Other times they can easily lose 50% or more of an accounts value. This happens especially with the ones with outrageously high returns for a small period of time.

Even though you won’t be trading, you need to understand the market in order to pick the best trader. Read some books. Read some magazines;



You should also understand how even some of the most respected large and small firms blowup and destroy account value (ie: PFG);


PFG Traded customer accounts for Futures and Forex. They were one of the biggest firms out there. Fraud brought them down.

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March 25 2013

Question: i still dont understand what or who makes up the harris poll in college football?

Question: i still dont understand what or who makes up the harris poll in college football?


A group of invited sportswriters and TV personalities. In 2005 the list was
Bobby Aillet
Bill Battle
Gene Bartow
Dick Bestwick
Joe Biddle
Blaine Bishop
Kim Bokamper
Terry Bradshaw
Wilt Browning
Earle Bruce
Brentson Buckner
Bob Casciola
Charlie Cavagnaro
John Congemi
Jake Crouthamel
Eddie Crowder
Peter Dalis
Charles Davis
Pete Dawkins
Gerry DiNardo
Bill Dooley
Boots Donnelly
Kevin Duhe
Spike Dykes
Bert Emanuel
Bump Elliott
Boomer Esiason
Don Fambrough
Foge Fazio
Bob Frederick
Andy Geiger
David Glazier
Jim Grabowski
Mike Grace
Bob Grim
Pat Haden
Bob Hammel
Dick Harmon
Tommy Hicks
Clarkston Hines
Lou Holtz
EJ Holub
David Housel
Rocket Ismail
Fred Jacoby
Charlie Johnson
Blair Kerkhoff
Mike Kern
Roy Kramer
Larry Lacewell
Dave Lapham
George Lapides
Steve Largent
Robert Lawless
Jack Lengyel
Jim Lessig
Ferd Lewis
Ted Lewis
Mike Lucas
Mike Lude
Tom Luicci
John Mackovic
Don Maynard
Don McCauley
Joe McConnell
Mike McGee
Lance McIlhenny
Ray Melick
Ted Miller
Darrell Moody
Jim Morse
Craig Morton
Jack Moss
Anthony Munoz
Chuck Neinas
Tim Neverett
Dave Newhouse
George Perles
Ed Podolak
John Pont
Steve Preece
Jason Rash
Homer Rice
Pat Richter
Paul Roach
Kenny Roda
Harvey Schiller
Dr. Terry R. Schmidt
Dick Schultz
Lee Roy Selmon
Dick Sheridan
Ken Shipp
Irwin Smallwood
Jim Ray Smith
Larry Smith
Sam Smith
Gary Spani
Amant Lou St.
Ron Stephenson
Nelson Stokley
Don Sweeney
Whit Taylor
Jack Thompson
John Toner
Steve Townsend
Glenn Tuckett
Max Urick
Roger Valdiserri
Bob Wagner
Frank Weedon
Frank Windegger
Bill Yeoman
Hugh Yoshida

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