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July 29 2013

Question: Is Forex trading a good way to make money?

forex market

Question: Is Forex trading a good way to make money?

I need some opinions from experienced people about money trading in Forex. Is it really that risky?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

It’s with nearly every market trading: If you know the market and know what is most likely to happen, you can’t go wrong with forex trading.

But if you think it’s not risky and you will earn money anyway with forex trading, I would suggest keeping your hands off it.

Just start reading about forex trading and learn what you need to know and see where it takes you.

But I would suggest learning by reading first instead of learning by failing.

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July 24 2013

FAQ: A good place to learn forex trading? – goldsenze

forex trading

Q&A: A good place to learn forex trading?

A good website for free training/learning about forex trading? im a newbie in this and is serioudly interested.

Goldsenze Answer:

Something I read in money magazine.
More than 90% of new forex users lose money their first year out.
Careful of scammers.
They know you will lose money and never really invest your money in the first place.
Others scammers can see your moves before you make them (remember they program the software themselves) and play against your moves.
Forex Scams
Days, if not years worth of reading.

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July 10 2013

June 03 2013

What are some good country songs to put on my ipod?

Q&A: What are some good country songs to put on my ipod?

suggest ONLY country songs

Goldsenze Answer:

Jason Aldean:The Truth
George Straight: I saw God today
Miranda Lambert: White Liar

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May 28 2013

FAQ: What is a good site to simulate Forex?

forex broker

Q: What is a good site to simulate Forex?

What’s a good site that accurtely simulates Forex?

goldsenze.com Answer:

dailyfx.com has good charts that I think are real time. However, I have no opinion of the co as a broker I urge you to be cautious before trusting or trading with anyone. This field is full of con men.

Personally, if I wanted to trade foreign exchange, I’d use a broker that would take a commission and not capitalize on bid/ask spreads. Your pricing is really better that way.

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May 11 2013

Q: Do you know of any good love songs?

jim rogers

Question: Do you know of any good love songs?

Me and my boyfriend want to have a song… but i cant think of any songs… he doesnt like country, any sugestions?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

The Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang

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May 08 2013

May 06 2013

Q&A: Which broker has a good options trading platform?

Question: Which broker has a good options trading platform?

Currently I dabble in stocks and forex and enjoy trading. I am looking to get into options trading and need a good broker with a nice platform that has a fairly easy learning curve, but still leaves some fun stuff for the advanced user. I am looking for a broker that offers commodities such as gold, silver, platinum. If they offer stocks as well it would be nice, but not necessary.

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

Check out the fx options at saxobank.

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March 27 2013

March 20 2013

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