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August 25 2013

Q: Can anyone recommend a website which invests in the forex trade with investors money so I dont have to?

forex broker

Q&A: Can anyone recommend a website which invests in the forex trade with investors money so I dont have to?

I want to trade in forex but would rather get an agent to do this,does this happen? and can anyone recommend a website to do this?…I am not looking for scam HYIP websites

goldsenze.com Answer:

That’s right…. there’s plenty of legit web sites/brokers that trade in Futures & Forex for clients. They are not hyped & to a large degree are “legit”. Most of the traders that are successful & trade for average sized accounts $ 10,000 – $ 500,000 can do well…. at times. Other times they can easily lose 50% or more of an accounts value. This happens especially with the ones with outrageously high returns for a small period of time.

Even though you won’t be trading, you need to understand the market in order to pick the best trader. Read some books. Read some magazines;



You should also understand how even some of the most respected large and small firms blowup and destroy account value (ie: PFG);


PFG Traded customer accounts for Futures and Forex. They were one of the biggest firms out there. Fraud brought them down.

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August 04 2013

Q&A: How can i get investors ? – goldsenze.com

forex trading

Q&A: How can i get investors ?

I am a good forex traders, i made very good profit in forex trading on demo accounts of many brokers ….i dont have much money to invest fore real account, i am ready to trade for others who is willing to invest for forex ?
how can i get investors ?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

Don’t worry! Me too seeking for Investor in a Very Profitable Business Concept. This concept is suitable for Tourism, Web Services, Electronic Goods.

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