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June 19 2013

May 09 2013

Question: Does anyone have a list of all the dancers in the movie Foot Loose?

Q: Does anyone have a list of all the dancers in the movie Foot Loose?

Imdb is NOT complete so do not tell me to check there, please. I KNOW it is not complete because I have friends that were dancers in the big group scenes and they are not listed! PLEASE HELP!


Complete Cast
Kevin Bacon – Ren
Lori Singer – Ariel
John Lithgow – Rev. Shaw Moore
Dianne Wiest – Vi Moore
Chris Penn – Willard
Sarah Jessica Parker – Rusty
John Laughlin – Woody
Douglas Dirkson – Burlington
Daniel K. Moore
Clair E. Leucart
Jane Feinberg
Donna Garrett
David Valenza – Team Member
Russ McGinn – Herb
Jim Youngs – Chuck
Elizabeth Gorcey – Wendy Jo
Mike Fenton
Meghan Broadhead – Sarah
Jay Bernard – Harvey
H.E.D. Redford – Widdoes
Michael Telmont – Travis
Gene Pack – Bernie
Lee McCain – Ethel MacCormack
Leo Geter – Rich
Arthur Rosenberg – Wes
Peter Tramm – Stunt Dancer
Monica Silva
John Perryman – Fat Cowboy
Robert Allen
John Bishop – Elvis
Alan Haufrect – Roger Dunbar
Timothy Scott – Andy Beamis
Norman Howell
Margery Simkin
Lynne Marta – Lulu
John-Clay Scott
Marcia Yvette Reider – Virginia
Mimi Broadhead – Amy
Brian Wimmer – Uncredited
Lane Parrish
Oscar Rowland – Mr. Walsh
Linda MacEwen – Eleanor Dunbar

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