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August 01 2013

Graphs that show prices at the market closing time?

FAQ: Graphs that show prices at the market closing time?

I’ve found plenty of graphs which show stock/commodity/forex prices by day, but they seem to use calendar days. I’m interested in the closing price. For example, the price of Gold each day at the time the NYSE closed.

goldsenze.com Answer:

Have you tried http://www.netdania.com/Products/live-streaming-currency-exchange-rates/real-time-forex-charts/FinanceChart.aspx?m=c

This could help.

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July 17 2013

Question: Forex demos that allow you to go back in time?

Question: Forex demos that allow you to go back in time?

What I want to do is pull up a random day last week and demo a forex program for that day. Obviously, I can’t practice on the weekends otherwise, because the markets are closed. I know some online stock brokers let you go back in time and demo your strategies. Is there a good Forex site that allows the same?


The only places I know of that allow you to back test are places like tradestation that charge for historical data. I don’t know of any free demos.

If you are doing forex trading, then you know the importance of a good forex broker. This is especially true if you are just starting out and do not have a l…

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June 05 2013

Q: All Time All Star Football Team?

jim rogers

Question: All Time All Star Football Team?

Who would you choose as your starters for your all time all star football team? I can’t name an entire start up off the top of my head, but my QB would be Roger Staubach, HB Gayle Sayers, middle LB Lack Lambert, WR Jerry Rice, WR Lance Alworth, Center Mike Webster, Safety Jack Tatum, DE Deacon Jones, DL Joe Green, DE/OL Lawrence Taylor.

Give arguments, let the imagination run wild, and lets have some fun.

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

QB 1st John Elway 2nd Dan Marino 3rd Johnny Unitas
RB 1st Barry Sanders 2nd Emmit Smith 3rd Walter Payton
WR 1st Jerry Rice 2nd Marvin Harrison 3rd Lance Alworth
DE Decon Jones and Julius Peppers
DT Warren Sapp and William “Fridge” Perry. Reggie White
Safety 1st Ronnie Lott

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June 02 2013

May 29 2013

Who are the top 25 QBs of all time? Goldsenze

Q: Who are the top 25 QBs of all time?

In not only SBs, but stats as well.

1. John Elway
2. Joe Montana
3. Tom Brady
4. Steve Young
5. Dan Marino
6. Roger Staubach
7. Peyton Manning
8. Joe Namath
9. Fred Tarkenton
10. Jim Kelly
11. Otto Graham
12. Brett Farve
13. Don Fouts
14. Troy Aikman
15. Brett Starr
16. Terry Bradshaw
17. Bob Griese
18. Sammy Baugh
19. Warren Moon
20. Kurt Warner
21. Big Ben
22. Ken Stabler
23. Red Grange
24. Randall Cuninngham
25. Mike Vick ( In Atlanta)

Notables: Joe Theismann, Steve McNair, Jeff Garcia(see stats on wiki), Sunny Jurgerson, Aaron Rodgers, Jake Delhomme, Jim McMahon (Did I spell his last name right?)

If you don’t like my list tell me yours, and don’t criticize my list.
Sorry Forgot about untias, anyway make your own lists, so I know what you think.
D, yes, yes manning is behind marino, young, and Stuabach, so deal with it!
John, Elway has both stats and SBs, and he did more with less than Tom brady and Joe montana.
Sid Luckman, ha! And my list is silly.
Aaron Rodgers is not a top 25 QB yet, wait about 3 years I mean just one SB and doesn’t have the career success as anybody besides mike vick, but if mike vick ever had a RECIEVER to throw it to, he probably would have had a ring by now and I really want you to try to name a WR that helped vick while he was with the falcons. How many did you find? None. I’m starting to think this is about race.


So you don’t consider Unitas a top 32? It’s the first thing that called my attention expecting to see him in the top 3.

Here is mine, now that I criticized your list

1. Johnny Unitas
2. Joe Montana
3. Otto Graham
4. John Elway (I put him ahead of Brady and Manning because he was better under pressure and had 3000+ rushing yards)
5. Tom Brady
6. Peyton Manning
7. Sammy Baugh
8. Sid Luckman
9. Steve Young
10. Brett Favre
11. Dan Marino
12. Terry Bradshaw
13. Roger Staubach
14. Drew Brees
15. Bart Starr
16. Fran Tarkenton
17. Troy Aikman
18. Jim Kelly
19. Dan Fouts
20. Warren Moon
21. Kurt Warner
22. Bob Griese
23. Joe Namath
24. Aaron Rodgers
25. Ken Stabler

EDIT: If Tom Brady won the Super Bowls because of his kicker, Favre won his ring because of his kick returner (Desmond Howard). Brady was Super Bowl MVP twice, not Vinatieri.


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April 02 2013

March 22 2013

Question: What is the best way to invest 1000$ when you have one hour time daily?

Question: What is the best way to invest 1000$ when you have one hour time daily?

is stocks or forex a rational option to invest such a little money if i have one hour of free time? thanks for your help in advance, guys.
I am willing to have a 50% risk of losing it and may use it after one year. what options does that leave me with?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

If you have only one hour time daily, you better have the best broker because online broker are slow and it’s usually not real time trading. It’s like 15 min. delay! Prepared to pay big commission fees to the broker!

If I were you, invest in big companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

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March 16 2013

What time exactly is the forex rate set? – goldsenze.com

forex broker

Question: What time exactly is the forex rate set?

I am wondering what time does the trading on forex close so the ratios are know for the next day. Thanks

Goldsenze Answer:

the forex market is 24/7 even over the weekend when it closes for traders the market still moves up and down and the rates are changing by the second ,

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