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Question: Are there online courses for stock market?

FAQ: Are there online courses for stock market?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

If you are looking to learn some basics of investing The Madman, Jim Cramer does use simple language to explain his concepts. I have listened to all the pundits, none are 100% accurate. The best I have found from tracking what they mention are both Kudlow and Cramer on CNBC and the Fox morning show has some good calls to. The actor, Wayne Rogers, that played Trapper John on MASH is pretty good.

I played around with $ 2500 using Cramers tactics and went up 42% in 18 months. This was my training fund until I got more confidentTiming, the right stocks, your nerve all play in it. I did this trading 2 stocks that were swinging as much as $ 3 a day. You have to be able to pay close attention and get your buy and sells in or it does not work.

Puts and Calls can be played to. If all you want is an explanation of any term you can get that from using your search line.

Play on paper first without spending any money.

Good Luck!

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