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May 22 2013

Q: Why is my question about forex robots deleted? – goldsenze

forex market

FAQ: Why is my question about forex robots deleted?

Is it not allowed to ask about forex robot? I’m not sure I asked twice and I really needed answer but they got deleted just after I submitted the question? Nothing like that is mentioned in community guidelines though??? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Goldsenze Answer:

Someone likes going through these questions and answers and reporting them as abusive or in violation of some community guidelines. I ignore questions all the time because the correct answer to the question will be reported as somehow abusive. God forbid I tell someone that they are about to do something deeply dangerous that is not smart for them because they are a novice or do not understand the situation very well.

If you haven’t been reading the news or noticed – Yahoo is ailing and getting more dysfunctional by the day (yes I have a decent short position, thanks for asking).

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March 30 2013

Q&A: What is the best way to learn about investment? – goldsenze.com

FAQ: What is the best way to learn about investment?

There are so many ways to invest your money in America. There’s forex, real estate, stocks, mutual funds, 401k, etc. What is the best way to learn about all of these different types of investment (other than majoring in the financial field)?

Goldsenze Answer:

There is no best way to learn, but by checking with the professionals in their own field and asking the right questions.

Usually – How much you intend to invest?
How much you intend to loose?
HOw long you intend to invest?
Risk Profiling – Appetite for risk level? (type of risk)
Do you have excess fund to spent?

Meaning this funds you intend to put into an investment fund is not needed in case of emergency. You can say in simple term – money can be spent without worry or stress. but expect a return in the medium to long term period. (Can be 3 years to 5 years)

Is it for your retirement purpose? and how much you intend to retire with?

All these question will be ask and you will need to be realistic and honest in your answers.

Don’t fool yourself.

I have invested in long terms retirement funds in Unit trust by diversification in different asset. Spread your risk (Put your eggs in different basket is the key)

Hope this help



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March 29 2013

Q&A: Forex trading question about mini accounts ?

Q&A: Forex trading question about mini accounts ?

I am interested in learn more about forex trading and possibly after some research opening a mini account to start small. I have visited a few websites and something I dont fully understand is How can it be advertised that you can open and start trading Forex with a minimum deposit of say $ 250 and then the it says the minimum trading deal size is $ 2500 ? I don’t get it


FX trading is not for the small investor. You likely will lose your investment very quickly.

Think of the other side of the trade. In your example of $ 250 investment, the ‘broker’ that will open such a small account is really just out to collect money from you.

You can’t check the interbank or get real time FX rates without a sizeable investment. The rate you get quoted from the ‘mini broker’ is often a made up rate that is wide — in and in favor of the broker. When you attempt to close your contract the fees and wide spread will wipe out any profit.

My advice is to steer clear until you have enough capital and experience to trade contracts with a reputable brokerage that will require a minimum capital level.

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March 22 2013

Q: so did any one get the first joke on the latest office episode about johny debt?

jim rogers

FAQ: so did any one get the first joke on the latest office episode about johny debt?


Michael was telling Jim that Johnny Depp (the actor) lived in his apartment complex, which made him (Michael) very excited. Jim, for good reason, doubted this. Michael does his rather poor Captain Jack Sparrow impression and Jim makes fun of him by guessing who he’s trying to be (Captain Crunch, for example).

Just a little bit later, Michael asks Jim what it’s like to feel excited about stuff. He asks Jim about the time he thought he saw Roger Clemens at the Yankees game. Michael tells Jim that it wasn’t Roger Clemens.

The joke: Johnny Depp obviously does not live in Michael’s apartment complex, and Roger Clemens did in fact pitch for the Yankees. So, Michael was wrong twice.

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