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July 17 2013

Q&A: How do I know if a stock is on the for-ex market?

Q: How do I know if a stock is on the for-ex market?

Excuse my lack of knowledge, I am just getting started with trading…

How can you tell if a stock is on the foreign ex? I don’t want to be hit with any
surprises by my broker if I happen to buy one of these stocks.
How do I know if it is a foreign stock?


The only thing traded on the forex market is currency. That’s why it is called the FOReign EXchange market.

If your broker tries to tell you otherwise, fire him!

Apologies for the quality of the video. ECN brokers list http://www.100forexbrokers.com/stp-ecn-brokers FSA website http://www.fsa.gov.uk/ Exponential Club W…

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July 10 2013

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June 30 2013

FAQ: Do you know any legitimate trading market for a low investment? – goldsenze

FAQ: Do you know any legitimate trading market for a low investment?

I already know about zulu trade in the currency markets. Do you know of any other market that you can trade currency, options or current events with small amount of money?


I think you must trade in forex trading. This is the place where you can earn good ROI. But if you are trained Forex trader. You can search this keyword Forex or Forex Trading so you may get best asnwers. This market base on leverage. You may go with 1:200. So if you invest 1000 Bucks you can 200 Bucks or more monthly as a qualified forex trader. Kindly visit my source this is the website which will giving free forex education + Certification. Must visit this and this is launch in Nov, 2009.

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June 29 2013

May 31 2013

FAQ: do you know any famous people that were born in washington dc?

jim rogers

FAQ: do you know any famous people that were born in washington dc?

plz help

goldsenze.com Answer:

This should be fairly complete and accurate:

David Addington
Edward Albee
Mary C. Ames
Jonathan Banks
John Battle (basketball)
Elgin Baylor
Leslie Bevis
Sonjay Dutt
Annie Bidwell
Frederick C. Billard
Dave Bing
David Birney
Lewis Black
Keith Bogans
Chuck Brown
James Brown (TV personality)
Sterling Allen Brown
Jenna Bryson
Pat Buchanan
Billie Burke
Ron Bushy
Chris Carmack
Austin Carr
Dave Chappelle
Connie Chung
William Wilson Corcoran
DeMarcus Corley
Steve Czaban
Adrian Dantley
Frenchie Davis
Vernon Davis
Johnny Dawkins
Giuliana DePandi
Frank Dimino
Jeane Dixon
Julian C. Dixon
Edward W. Donn, Jr.
John F. Donoghue
Jennifer Dougherty
John M. Dowd
Charles R. Drew
Mary Early
Earthquake (comedian)
Margaret O’Neill Eaton
Phil Edmonston
Blue Edwards
Davis Elkins
Duke Ellington
Cass Elliot
Daniel Mark Epstein
Ben Feldman (actor)
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
Albert Fish
Joe Fitzgerald
Charles Fleischer
Grace Hubbard Fortescue
Matt Frewer
Marty Friedman (guitarist)
Mary Fuller
Ana Gasteyer
Marvin Gaye
Nona Gaye
James Melville Gilliss
Joanna Going
Frederick D. Gregory
Winston Groom
Tim Gunn
Alan Hale, Sr.
Regina Hall
Nicholas Hammond
Alyson Hannigan
Goldie Hawn
Helen Hayes
John Heard
Katherine Heigl
Taraji P. Henson
Edward Herrmann
Ralph Hickox
Robert Hooks
Chip Hooper
J. Edgar Hoover
Shirley Horn
William Hurt
Samuel L. Jackson
Tyoka Jackson
DerMarr Johnson
Robert Underwood Johnson
Stephen L. Johnson
Suzen Johnson
Eric Johnston
Kristen Johnston
Eddie Jordan (basketball)
Juniper Lane
Byron Leftwich
Tim Legler
Arnaldo Lerma
Bill Lester
Rayford Logan
John Harding Lucas III
Hall S. Lusk
Mike Malinin
Thalia Fortescue Massie
Van McCoy
James McDaniel
Graham McNamee
Andrew Migliore
Mike Flugennock
Don Money
Elizabeth Morgan
Bubba Morton
Mýa (singer)
Ron Nessen
Michael Nouri
Bill Nye
Jonathan Ogden
Victor Page
Chris Parks
James B. Pearson
George Pelecanos
William Rivers Pitt
Ramesh Ponnuru
Maury Povich
Ernest Pusey
Francis Munroe Ramsay
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Tanika Ray
Eden Riegel
Janet Ritz
William N. Roach
John Roberts (SPEED Channel host)
Bernard Robinson (basketball)
Raymond P. Rodgers
Archibald Roosevelt
Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt, Jr
John Aspinwall Roosevelt
Tim Rose
William H. Rupertus
Pete Sampras
Miguel Sandoval
Shira Scheindlin
Bryan Scott
Leon Searcy
David Simon
Jim Simpson (sportscaster)
Kate Smith
Yeardley Smith
Mitch Snyder
Harold Solomon
Jackie Stallone
Michael S. Steele
Ben Stein
Frances Sternhagen
Leslie Stevens
Amii Stewart
Richard Bernard Stone
Albert D. Sturtevant
Michael Sweetney
Henry Clay Taylor
Rip Taylor
Leigh Taylor-Young
Justin Theroux
John Thompson (basketball)
Glenn Tilton
Mary Timony
Walter Nathan Tobriner
Tony Todd
Peter Tork
Thea Vidale
William Douglas Wallach
Ernie Warlick
Kermit Washington
Jacob Sager Weinstein
Michael Weiss (figure skater)
Delonte West
John Edgar Wideman
Michael Wilbon
Edward Bennett Williams
Jerome Williams
Kellie Shanygne Williams
Maury Wills
Brian Wohl
Waddy Butler Wood
Willie Wood
Jeffrey Wright
Jeff Baxter
Jorma Kaukonen

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May 24 2013

I would like to know the basics of Forex Trading and the least amount someone can start out with.?

forex trading

Question: I would like to know the basics of Forex Trading and the least amount someone can start out with.?

Please can anyone tell me how to start trading Forex, and if it’s possible to stsrt with a little amount. Would also like to know about trading from my home (I live in Africa). Will be glad to receive any answer.

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

You can start an account with Forex.com for $ 250. A good book about Forex basics is James Dicks “Forex Made Easy”

http://www.TradeAdvisorPro.com/forex – Free Forex Webinar Training http://www.TradeAdvisorPro.com/forex-signals – Our Forex Trades Directly to your Inbox! …

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May 11 2013

Q: Do you know of any good love songs?

jim rogers

Question: Do you know of any good love songs?

Me and my boyfriend want to have a song… but i cant think of any songs… he doesnt like country, any sugestions?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

The Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang

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May 07 2013

May 06 2013

Anyone know the name of the Director of HR, Nike UK & Ireland?

FAQ: Anyone know the name of the Director of HR, Nike UK & Ireland?


Here’s all the officers

H. Knight, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mark Parker, President & Chief Executive Officer, NIKE, Inc.
Charlie Denson, President, NIKE Brand

Jim Allaker, VP & GM, UK and Ireland
Tom Arndorfer, VP & CFO, NIKE Brand
Nick Athanasakos, VP, Global Supply Chain
David Ayre, VP, Global Human Resources

Lewis L. Bird, President, Affiliates
Don Blair, VP & Chief Financial Officer
Sandy Bodecker, VP, NIKE Global Design
Jack Boys, VP & Chief Executive Officer, Converse Inc.
Mike Brewer , VP, USA Supply Chain

Mary Kate Buckley, VP, EMEA Apparel

Andy Campion, VP, Corporate Planning
Oscar Cardona, VP, HR, Global Infrastructure & Shared Services
James C. Carter, VP, General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer
Pamela Catlett, VP, Investor Relations
Craig Cheek, VP & GM, USA Region
David Clark, VP, USA Human Resources
Dr. Thomas E. Clarke, President, New Business Development
Dermott Cleary, VP & GM, Sportswear
John F. Coburn III, Corporate Secretary & Sr. Governance Counsel

Steve Conroy, VP, Brand HR

Garry Cook, VP, Brand Jordan
Diana Crist, VP Global Apparel, Sport & Merchandising Operations

Gary M. DeStefano, President, Global Operations
Shelley K. Dewey, VP, Category Project Leader
Ken Dice, VP & GM, USA Brand
Greg Dinges, VP & CFO, NIKE Affiliates
Mark Duggan, CEO, NIKE Bauer Hockey

Trevor Edwards, VP, Global Brand & Category Management
Maria S. Eitel, President, NIKE Foundation

Domingo Garcia, Chief Tax Officer
Jim Godbout, VP & GM, NIKE Japan
Davide Grasso, VP, Asia Pacific Marketing

David Hagler, VP, Apparel Sport Culture
Willem Haitink, VP & GM, NIKE China
Clare Hamill, VP, New Business Development, Affiliates
Larry Harper, VP, US Geographical Business Units
Tinker Hatfield, VP, Creative Design
David Heath, VP, Global Sales
Joaquin Hidalgo, VP, Global Marketing & Soccer
Elliott Hill, VP, Global Retail
Greg Hoffman, VP, Global Brand Design
John R. Hoke, III, VP, Global Footwear Design
Bert Hoyt, VP & GM, Global Football

Peter Hudson, VP, NIKE Design
Bob Hurley, Chairman, Hurley International LLC

Dan Jones, VP, USA Categories
Hannah Jones, VP, Corporate Responsibility
Gerald P. “Jerry” Karver, VP, Global Sourcing & Manufacturing

Leslie Lane, VP & GM, Global Running
Chris Lindgren, VP, Footwear Sport Performance

Jayme Martin, VP & GM, Americas Region
Ron McCray, VP & Chief Administrative Officer
Eunan McLaughlin, VP & GM, EMEA Region
Laurie Beja Miller, VP & GM, USA Retail

Joe Monahan, VP & GM, USA Commerce
Michelle Moorehead, VP & GM, Kids

Heidi O’Neill, VP & GM, Global Women’s Fitness

Roland Paanakker, VP & Chief Information Officer
Bernie Pliska, VP & Controller
Nigel Powell, VP, Global Communications

Mark Riley, VP, USA Footwear

Ernie Rose, VP, Global Apparel Operations

Peter Ruppe, VP & GM, Men’s Training and Fitness

Brent Scrimshaw, VP, EMEA Brand Management
Joe Serino, VP, USA Apparel
James Seuss, VP & Chief Executive Officer, Cole Haan
Chris Shimojima, VP, Global Digital Commerce
Jan Singer, VP, Footwear NIKE Sportswear
John Slusher, VP, Global Sports Marketing
Eric Sprunk, VP& GM, Global Footwear
Jill Stanton, VP, Global Apparel

Hans van Alebeek, VP, NIKE Global Operations & Technology

Gina A. Warren, VP, Global Diversity & Inclusion
Howard White, VP, Sports Marketing Brand Jordan
Mike Wilskey, VP, Brand Management, Affiliates & New Business
DeeDee Wilson, VP & CFO, USA
Roland Wolfram, VP & GM, Asia Pacific Region
Bob Wood, VP & President, NIKE Golf
Bob Woodruff, VP & Treasurer
Roger Wyett, Chief Executive Officer, Hurley International LLC

Craig Zanon, VP & GM, Global Basketball
Pat Zeedick, GM, Equipment

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March 29 2013

March 27 2013

FAQ: I apologize for the boring questions I have tonight, but does anyone know?

Question: I apologize for the boring questions I have tonight, but does anyone know?

who is running for governor of FL on the Democratic ticket?

I have seen an ad for Charlie Crist, R., but I haven’t seen anything for a Democrat.

Also, does anyone know of any unbiased newspapers I can subscribe to in Central Florida?

The Orlando Sentinel seems to skew right, so I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me.

Have a good night all. :)
(yes, this is really me, not an imposter. Just trying to avoid those “violation notice” emails.)
Have a good weekend, GG, thank you very next.
Nice try, Amy, but Gallagher is the other Republican running.


ah, youre looking for something that skews left…
you should vote for a republican.

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March 21 2013

How to know that a forex broker has no dealing desk as he claims? – goldsenze.com

FAQ: How to know that a forex broker has no dealing desk as he claims?

My forex broker claims that he is a straight through processing (STP) broker and has no dealing desk.
What makes me doubt he is an STP broker is the minimum deposit to open an account ( only 5 $ ) and I accidently saw on the internet that stp brokers require at least 300- 500$ to open an account. Further more, my broker sometimes doesnt automatically close my positions at the price wanted which makes me doubt again that he is STP.

Goldsenze Answer:

Most dealing desk brokers have fixed spreads. If you see a broker who’s spreads are constantly changing multiple times per second, then that is a no dealing desk broker. Look for brokers that show both the bid and ask price at the same time.

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