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August 03 2013

Question: Has anyone used Everest Markets as a broker?

forex trading

Question: Has anyone used Everest Markets as a broker?

I want to start Forex trading and I’m looking at trading with Everest Markets, has anyone tried them out?


If you are in the US, the government regulating agency for forex is the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). Research any firm there.

While on the CFTC site, read their warning about “Foreign Currency Trading Frauds”. Link below.

A novice forex trader is a lamb among wolves. The pros will quickly take your money.

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July 23 2013

Q: Has anyone used Kishore’s system of forex trading? – goldsenze

FAQ: Has anyone used Kishore’s system of forex trading?

Has anyone used Kishore’s system of forex trading? Did you make the money that he advocates? Would a novice manage his sytems? Does he recommend a broker or can I use any broker?

www.goldsenze.com Answer:

None of these forex systems work.

Think it through. Forex is an enormous market where most competitors are experienced professionals. If anyone had a system that generated consistent profits, it would be worth $ millions. The owners of the system would make themselves wealthy by trading. They would not sell the system for small amounts. They certainly would not give it to you.

Read. Study. Take a class. Learn to invest for yourself. Do not foolishly depend on tips.

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